A2b Extensible Envelope

A modular envelope generator, not just an envelope generator for modular but an envelope generator that is modular, the A2b Extensible Envelope defines a path from point A to B and a time, executing the journey upon a trigger signal and outputting a trigger at the end to pass the baton in a relay of multiple units, bucket-brigade style.

Build looping ARs, custom LFOs, innovative envelopes, and endless journeys of modulation.

The starting unit can be triggered by a pulse to the upper left jack or central button next to it. After the time, which is set by the main dial, an output trigger is sent via the upper-right jack to another A2b unit and so on… And, the final unit can be looped back to the first unit for endless repeats (you can also create interesting branching networks). The Point A voltage is whatever signal arrives at the at the center-left jack (0V if not connected) plus the value of the Point A slider, which is mainly intended for cases where the jack is left unconnected. Out of the center-right jack, an envelope signal is generated, transitioning from the Point A voltage to the value specified by the orange Point B slider (right). That output signal is then used as the input of the next unit and so on, until the final unit where it can be fed to an amplifier (acting as an envelope generator of indefinite complexity) or to modulate whatever (perhaps as an LFO of indefinite complexity).