A2b Extensible Oscillator

This is not just an oscillator for modular synthesis, this a modular oscillator for modular synthesis.

Interpolating a transition from its origin jack (center-left) to its destination bar (white), according to a 1V/oct pitch cv signal, the A2b oscillates with increasing complexity in chains where its output feeds the next origin…

In chains of units, each module trades off duties, relaying amongst each other with chained trigger jacks. Sliding the destination bars allows you to draw a waveform, modulating their position provides interesting dynamic changes, detuning or tuning modulation adds furthing complexity (parts of the waveform can be tuned differently than other parts!), and you can wire chains of indefinite lengths (though you’ll find decreasing stability in the higher octaves and may need to adjust the tuning) or in interesting parallel split paths. In addition to sending the final output to an amp, experiment with also sending fragments from earlier in the chain or perhaps processing fragments separately with effects. Try using one of the chain trigger jacks to reset a second oscillator. Building waveforms in this way offers unique modular capabilities and plenty of room for exploration.