Active Key MIDI Sequencer

How to use:

The Active Key MIDI Sequencer lets you to assign a range of keys (one knob for start key and another for number of steps/keys) on your keyboard to act as steps (1-32) in a step sequencer. Hold down rhythms like you’re playing chords for an interesting combination of improvisation and sequencer-like precision, performance-oriented change and drum machine feel. Use your sustain pedal to free your hands up or make use of a hold button at the top left (also assigned to the next chromatic midi note after the chosen range) to lock in a beat and remember it as a preset.

When keys/steps are active, a trigger pulse is delivered at the upper-right output on the beat. The tempo can be matched to the system (upper blue buttons – system tempo & 4x system tempo) or advanced via triggers at the clock input. Either way, the clock output sends trigger pulses per step to other devices that you might wish to synchronize. The reset input (just above) causes the device to return to the first step upon receiving a trigger pulse and the nearby trigger output delivers such a pulse to other devices at the start of each loop. Chain multiple devices via the reset and clock jacks for synchronization. 

The Active Key MIDI Sequencer was designed to combine the virtues of live performance and sequencing precision, encouraging dynamic changes, constant experimentation, and serendipitous accidents and also delivering rhythms with sample-accurate precision, machine-like dexterity, and cognitively dissonant complexity.