Actual Noise

Noise is the weapon-of-choice for thick and textured synthesis that breathes with life. As a CV signal, it is a source of unpredictability and serendipity. While noise sources generally present random variation of various smooth distributions, real-life noise tends to be somewhat less random, just rather very complex. Breathing, percussion, sibilance, mechanical processes, and so on, give instruments their character, and the Actual Noise Source device provides you with a curated set of real noises that can be blended and balanced into a tool to imbue your patches with such character.

You’ll find useful features like stereo signals, polyphonic connections, envelope controllable master volume, cv jacks for modulating individual noises, switches for rapid comparisons, and most importantly, noises that were chosen for their ability to convincingly combine with synth sounds for coherent tones. You be able to build patches that sound ambiguously organic, that seem to have a plausibly mechanical origin, and which interest the ear with subtle complexity.