Alpha (poly) LFO

Alpha LFO:

Reach for the Alpha LFO when you want a lot of modulation, efficiently.

Four LFOs are fit into 2 HP with individual sine/triangle toggles (with phase-matched waveforms), polarity toggles, and rate controls, extending from a wonderfully slow 0.001 Hz (0.06 BPM) up to a relatively speedy 7 Hz (420 BPM). You can attenuate and bias the LFOs, as a group, with the lower concentric dials – very useful for tuning modulation to taste. The sync/reset jack (bottom) and button (top) restart the LFOs with a trigger/gate pulse, while phase information is stored upon saving. So, if you slow a particular LFO and put it back to a tempo that matches its sibling, the unmatched phases of each are stored so that the relationship is preserved later on (alternatively, to re-match the phases, press the sync button).

Keeping a low profile, this compact LFO source promotes extensive modulation and experimentation without the sprawling confusion, getting right to the point, and handling the majority of needs. Slide the Alpha LFO into your patches to create a lot of motion for a dynamic sound.

Alpha Poly LFO:

This is the polyphonic version of the Alpha LFO, providing 3 independent polyphonic syncable sine/triangle LFOs with onboard attenuation and bias. There’s also a fourth dedicated-mono LFO for good measure. Actually, there’s even a toggle (yellow) to convert the other 3 LFO connections from poly to mono jacks.