Atmospheric Noise Source

This is a musical noise source designed to be layered into thick, puffy, breathy, textured sounds and can be used as a drum too (snare, hihat). It operates in stereo for a wide image and, with the press of a button (blue-green, top), jacks can be switched out for polyphonic connections too.

Left/right tone controls survey a spectrum of noise types, “core” controls create correlations to add a center to the stereo field, and a blendable and tunable resonant peak helps you imitate a range of textures from “sss” to breath to wind to rumble. All of the tone controls are modulatable with selectable envelope vs LFO modes. A master gain control also accepts CV and can serve as an on-board amplifier or tremolo. It means your noise can ruffle and evolve, and that it can be crafted into a wide array of drum sounds with complex tonal structures.

Mix this noise source with your favorite oscillator to add texture, use it to modulate a filter frequency for sizzle, feed it envelopes to turn it into a signature snare drum, or use it alone for the sound of rain, wind, & thunder.

The Atmospheric Stereo Noise Source is a go-to noise source for musicality, flexibility, modulatability, and experimentation.