Auto Stereo Collector

This amplifier auto-pans alternating active signals to the left and right to create a wide and dynamic stereo field. Single active channels or the last of an odd number of active channels are panned center to avoid imbalances, and the distribution of channels is otherwise dynamically placed around the stereo field for an interestingly complex allocation. A threshold control allows you to help the allocation ignore nearly inaudible audio tails and a volume slider allows for master control. 

The auto-panning algorithm is aggressive, pushing signals completely to the left or right and acting instantly without transition, making for a mildly glitchy result that adds some rhythmic artifacts and changing sense of space that resembles delay effects without any actual repeating signal. It’s more of an effect than an automated mixer, but if you’re looking for a nice way to add some life, depth, and complexity to a patch, the Auto Stereo Collector is a great tool for the job.