Boolean Voice Controller

Polyphonic signals are assigned a voice number, and this device lets you send assignable HIGH (on) and LOW (off) voltages over any voice number. Button presses can be momentary (triggers) or gates, exclusive (mono) or simultaneous, and two dials let you alter the high & low voltages from their 5V & 0V defaults.

Press a numbered button and the value of the HIGH knob (5V by default) is transmitted over the corresponding voice number via the poly ouput jack. Turn the button off and it transmits the LOW knob’s value (0V by default). Both can be adjusted between -5V and +5V, and “on” needn’t be a higher voltage than “off”, saving you inverters and attenuators. In gate mode, HIGH is a constant signal, but in trigger mode (lower left switch), the HIGH signal is a short pulse (however long the button is tapped) before returning to LOW. Gate mode allows multiple buttons to be toggled simultaneously HIGH, but the mono gate button (large, blue, toward the bottom) makes them exclusive, where turning one on shuts the previous one off.

It’s a great outboard controller for Playertron’s Unquantized Sequencers and can be a useful tool for polyphonic exploration too. Try using it for opening particular poly envelopes while developing a patch, biasing particular poly modulation channels, testing poly module behaviors, or as a poly DC voltage source.