BPM Follower

With a BPM calculation tapped from a trigger input, the BPM Follower can adjust tempo with your playing or sync to a wide range of sources to create both a set of subdivided tempo clocks that output triggers and also a full-featured LFO. It means that connected sequencers can bend, halt, and double-time as you adjust your playing or its LFO will respond to the ebb and flow of note densities. And, it can be calibrated to drag or rush alike.

The LFO can be biased so that it is centered anywhere between -5 and 5V, its magnitude can be adjusted from minuscule to a full 10V fluctuation, and it can follow sine, triangle, saw, and square waveforms. There are outputs synced to the beat, to eighth notes, triplets, and half notes, and they can all be used simultaneously for complex, rhythmically cohesive modulations.

(part of the Tempo Modulating Bundle)