Eight inputs lead to eight outputs, but every time the unit receives a trigger/gate pulse, the pairings shift – input 1 goes to input 2, 2 goes to 3, and so on…

Send oscillators through a round robin of filters, send drums through a sequence of mix channels at different volumes, and create a sequence of signal paths. You can also flip-flop stereo, rotate poly signals (with a poly distributor/collector), and perform sequential switch duties.

There are eight steps, upon which it loops, but you can also set the step length all the way down to 1 (and all ins/outs still function, it just resets before connecting all combinations). A CV controllable reverse button flips the step direction and a CV controllable reset button kicks the module back to step 1. An additional step-channel output connects to the channel of the active step so (in addition to switching amongst up to 8 outputs), you can receive audio by switching amongst up to 8 inputs.

Use the Centrifuge to rotate your signals around for dizzying sound.