A CV controllable macro knob, the Correlator transmits master knob movements through six controlled knobs to destinations of your choice. Each controlled knob moves in coordination with the master knob, but its starting point can be set with a bias slider and the relative amount of motion can be scaled (and inverted) with the “efficiency” knob (from -1.5x to 1.5x). A small “mod resolution” mod acts as a signal decimator (it works on audio too) for stepped transitions and smoother CPU performance alike. And, the master knob can be motorized with its CV input. You can easily coordinate behaviors of devices with nuance and flexibility, you can set up a method for morphing between presets, and you can readily cultivate and re-modulate modulation sources to produce desired effects. Create chains, using Correlators to control Correlators for expanded outputs or evermore complex results. The Correlator is a modular macro knob with refined control.