Dynamic Quantizing Melody Extractor

Snap incoming signals to your own scale, from pitch cv that you wish to transpose into alternative keys to noise & LFOs that you want to coax into usable 1V/oct signals that can feed oscillators. The Dynamic Quantizing Melody Extractor is a quantizer whose scale can be defined in real-time – each note has a dedicated selection dial and a neighboring jack whose signal can automatically set that dial. For instance, a sequencer or chord-player (see ROYGBIV) can be used to continually redefine any given note and incoming melodies will be shifted to the nearest notes. As new notes are played, previous notes are pushed down a series of output jacks (right side) which can be fed to other oscillators who will now be playing previous notes on a delay.

The Dynamic Quantizing Melody Extractor is a great way to make a static sequence follow chord changes, to use randomness to create coherent melodies, to confine performances to allowed notes, and to generate unexpected harmonies.