Dynamic Signal Transformer

Use two calibrator dials to remap signals, whether CV or audio, to new ranges with efficient controls. You can attenuate, invert, bias, amplify, visualize, and generally squish, stretch, and manipulate a signal to just the right form. The Dynamic Signal Transformer is an efficient utility whose first two dials achieve 3-4 modules worth of control and wiring with an intuitive setup. It also goes a lot further, opening up complex experimental possibilities with the lower modulation section.

The lowest jacks can be used to modulate the calibrators, each with silver, dedicated attenuverters. The slider recenters these modulations and the gold dial affects their spread, pushing them further apart or closer together. These can, in turn, be modulated too. After modulating the modulator modulators, you can transform simple signals into intricate, organic, chaotic, interesting, and dynamic results.

Use the Dynamic Signal Transformer mold signals and harness complexity.