Eighty SR Envelope Array

For those who want many envelopes with centralized, coordinated, and randomizable controls or for those who want to split a polyphonic signal (with something like the Poly Distributor) into individualized voices with unique attack/decay/sustain/release settings or for those who want to specify the envelopes of each voice from their Super- or Duper88 oscillator arrays, the Eight SR Envelope array is built to accomplish all that and more. If you’ve ever used more than two or three envelopes in a single patch, this device will assist you with its nimble coordination and organized interface.

With a gate signal, the output is a traditional envelope, but the device is equipped to act as its own amp – just wire audio into the 2nd input and the output automatically changes behavior to deliver the enveloped audio that’d normally require a separate amp. Master ADSR controls motorize individual channels for batch setting while still allowing you to make individual variation from that starting point. A randomness dial lets you specify a degree of stochasticity, distributing values randomly around the master setting. The results range from vintage inconsistency to voice independence to evolving interplay between channels.

Take a look at how the master controls and randomness settings work (also notice how it’s wired to skip the need for any amplifiers)