Horizon Topological Wraparound Orbiter

The Horizon Topological Wraparound Orbiter puts your signals on a cylinder so that when they slip over the top, they emerge from the bottom, and vice versa. Along with the Boundary Reflector (which bounces waves) and the Wave Exsector (which dismantles waves), this device offers a complimentary set of methods for transforming oscillators, adding complexity to modulation, bending the paths of arpeggiators/ sequencers, and generally contributing to chaos where desired.

You’ll find six buttons to tinker with the nature of the wraparound. You can wrap signals back around from the other horizon (mode A), flip them over the -5/5V barrier (mode B), squeeze them in the process (mode C), being hyped (mode D + other), gutted them along the way (mode E), and/or make them double-jointed upon being flexed with bias.

With conveniences like preset horizons, slider following, separate input & output gain, and bias, experimentation is quick and repeatable. Modulating horizon slider movement, the bias knob, and mode buttons helps you create interesting signal dynamics. You’ll find it easy to develop unusual waveforms, odd distortions, complex modulations, and all sorts of signal intricacies.