Metal Reed Electromechanical Oscillator

After modeling various modes of vibration in metallic “reeds” under electromechanical stimulation (essentially, a plate reverb as a sound source rather than effect), the results were dismantled into components and turned into this device, so that you may build up your own complex & dynamically changing tones from the pieces. Sounds range from warm resonances to chilling scrapes, and you’ll hear the electrical pop of frequency changes under the right settings.

The module acts as a synth voice or as a dedicated oscillator (toggle via top blue button). It’s actually ten oscillators that are dialed in via 9 controls (central slider + 8 upper H knobs) to define the tone via relative levels. Further, a series of internal envelopes are derived from the primary sliders (bottom) and variance controls (bottom right) so that various oscillators can be pushed to define the sound of striking the metal reed or to seep in as the tone stabilizes. The derived “H” envelope has a dedicated output for modulating other devices. There are also cv inputs for modulating primary tuning (with reversed responses for balanced pitch deviation), the tone slider, and the “H” contribution.

(with prototype GUI)