MIDI Actuator

24 gates or triggers activated by two octaves of your keyboard, make the MIDI Actuator very useful for interfacing your physical controllers with on-screen modules. Just make a MIDI connection and then 24 break-out jacks individually output gate/trigger signals when their keys are pressed.

Choose any set of 24 chromatic notes with the transpose dial and use the top switch to select whether the output is a single sample trigger pulse or a gate signal that lasts as long as a given key is depressed. A mono mode makes it so that only the most recently pressed key’s output is on. Each jack illuminates with its key, so you don’t have to know your note numbers — just press a key, see what’s lit, and connect to that jack. It’s a lot of useful functionality in a small footprint.

Use the MIDI Actuator to play drum modules from your keyboard, to trigger samples with devices like the Trigger Player, to activate sequencers, to initiate effects, or to control pretty much whatever can be turned on and off or reset or activated by CV. Use multiple devices together to turn up to 127 notes into an orchestrator of activity.