MilliAmp Mixer

A thoughtful little mixer, the MilliAmp combines up to eight signals and has a couple other talents too. Volumes can be CV controlled in LFO and envelope modes, the former offering tremolo effects or other automation, and the latter making the device an 8 channel amp (try the 80SR for eight coordinated envelope generators). In addition to the mix output, each channel has individual outputs for interesting feedback loops, effects loops, and so that each channel can serve as a completely independent amplifier. Output LEDs illuminate activity, so you can easily see what’s going on.

Use the MilliAmp to mix audio or CV signals alike, consider it a way to put lots of amplifiers into a little footprint, or try it as the final component after a variety of oscillator arrays (Super- and Duper88), envelope arrays (80SR), and filter arrays (Filtrate).