MPE MIDI Commutable Interface

This is an MPE MIDI converter that’s commutable – a full set of 16 mono jacks and a poly jack which output a changeable selection of MIDI data as control voltages for your oscillators, envelope generators, and really anything. Just rotate the “select” dial for pitch cv, pitch + bend, just bend, velocity, release velocity, pressure (ch or poly), note on/off gates, and cc# 1-127 (including #74, usually used for vertical expression). There’s a tooltip message to help you make the selection, and it’s displayed above the jacks too.

Use multiple units, all connected to the main MIDI host jack, for each form of data or expression which you’d like to have in your patch, and put them wherever is most convenient for wiring. Rotate the “select” knob to experiment quickly with expression reassignments, for instance tinkering back and forth between whether velocity or pressure affects a note’s volume.

*This device is free with it’s larger sibling, the MPE MIDI Interface, which offers greater convenience & clarity, without the flexibility of being commutable. Or, you can start with this one and pay the difference to upgrade to the other one later.