Note Range Splitter

The Note Range Splitter helps you divide up your keyboard/sequencer to play and do different things, from performing with multiple oscillator signal chains to assigning sections for device control to simply rejecting unwanted notes. Since the device can work on outputs of another copy, you can create as many note ranges as you like.

Connect a pitch signal at the central blue band and (optionally) connect a gate input (you could get experimental with cv input here) to tag along. Set a note range with the dials at the top. If an incoming pitch signal is within range, then it and its tagalong are sent to the upper INSIDE jacks. If not, then they are sent to the OUTSIDE jacks. When either pair of jacks is not the destination, the pitch is frozen and the gate is zeroed out. Since the two signals move as a pair, you can be sure that notes are updated on the right oscillators and only their envelope generators receive a gate signal.

Also, you can put a second unit on either set of outputs to further subdivide a range or to create more ranges. For instance, the OUTSIDE jacks can be fed to the inputs of a 2nd unit, with a different range specified on its values, and now you will have two “inside” ranges and one “outside” range, which can be further divided too…

If your interested in dividing up your keyboard by note instead of range, try the Note Diverter.