Panning Collector

An eight channel summing* mixer with CV controlled panning and volume, the Panning Collector is designed for stereo imaging from mono sources. CV microjacks keep the footprint small, and they can be connected to regular jacks, all the same as usual. Use this device to create wide sounds, to place sources in space, to spread polyphonic voices (try it with the Poly Distributor), and for automating dynamic mix changes. It also makes an excellent partner for the Super- and Duper88 oscillators, granting you the opportunity to adjust the panning and volume of individual oscillators, and add the 80SR, Filtrate, and Poly Distributor to make a full polyphonic synthesizer with individualized voices (an 8x LFO unit is on the way too).

*summing means that audio is added rather than scaled – there isn’t much practical difference with digital signals, but the output will be a bit hotter