Parallel Logic Gate Array

The Parallel Logic Gate Array uses signals to make decisions, outputting an affirmative 5V or a 0V “no” based on the status of two inputs.

Perhaps you want to fire off a sample when two LFO peaks coincide (AND gate) or when either is peaking (OR gate), maybe you want to derive a complex pulse wave from two inputs (XOR gates do well), or maybe you want to turn an effect on only when two other effects are off (NOR gate).

Since all gates can be accessed simultaneously, you can even just experiment and compare.

Summary of when each gate outputs 5V (otherwise it ouputs 0V):

  • AND: if both inputs are above threshold
  • OR: if either input is above threshold
  • XOR: if one and only one input is above threshold
  • NAND: (the opposite of AND) as long as inputs aren’t both above threshold
  • NOR: (the opposite of OR) as long as no inputs are above threshold
  • XNOR: the opposite of XOR) as long as not exactly one input is above threshold

Musical uses aside, up & coming electrical engineers and computer scientists might enjoy how you can build full adder circuits to perform binary addition or how you can network these into complex decision-making machines with the ease of VM’s platform.

Presets available here.

And, if you want a similar device that can make decisions based on up to 8 signals, take a look at the GateID Logic Executor.