Plane-Traversing Oscillator

This oscillator is something special. From smooth & nuanced to dynamic & aggressive to wild & chaotic, the Serial-Function Oscillator is a shape-shifting monster. It is like a segmented organism that can be cut into pieces and regenerated at will, with modulatable segment counts ranging from 1-32. The start and end points give form to each segment as they are drawn on the visualization (there are also dials for precise settings). After a turn of the edit mode dial, a mathematical function can be chosen by dragging a segment waveform, and, in the next edit mode position, a modifier is specified to affect the mathematical path for tonal variation. Segment modulation adds further complexity. It’s not so free-form that it’s useless, while offering endless discovery — it sounds amazing.

It’s a giant, but it moves with agility. You’ll find intriguing possibilities with the nuanced controls, from multimode pitch tracking/ sync following to an internal noise source and an onboard amplifier to a number of exciting modulation capacities.

Try random things for immediate intrigue or clear your afternoon for endless investigation, and this device will accommodate. Add the Serial-Function Oscillator to your rack when you’re up for uncovering a world of unheard trigonometries.