Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator

The Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator is not just an arpeggiator for modular synthesis, it is a modular arpeggiator for modular synthesis. While a single unit can perform an array of arpeggiations, multiple units can be chained to create custom arpeggiation algorithms with optional randomizations. In addition to arpeggiating notes, tag along gate signals as well as three CV “expression” signals follow the arpeggiation so that you can achieve fancy coordinations with filter adjustments, envelopes, effects, and so on…

Polyphonic note & gate connections are used to establish a pool of active notes (upper left) and the center switch determines how a note is selected from that pool (highest, lowest, several random modes, etc) when a trigger pulse is sent to the upper left trig in. Press the RAND button just below and each of the four switch modes correspond to four methods for random note selection.

Send the pitch output (right, middle) to an oscillator and the gate output (just below, yellow) to an envelope generator to play notes.

Alternatively, the device is built to pass a trigger (top right) to another Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator’s trig input, as well as the poly pitch & gate signals and the mono pitch & gate signals, building chains that monitor the note selection of the previous unit to select the next note according to its own rule (top center switch), until ultimately terminating at an oscillator/envelope. The result is an arpeggiator with a high degree of customizability, allowing meandering orderings, randomized steps, complex rhythms, and more. You can even split chains toward multiple destinations.

For single unit arpeggiation, the mono pitch (and gate) output can be looped back into itself so that it can act as a typical arpeggiator.

A bottom section allows three rows of chainable of CV control so that as each unit specifies a note, it can also specify a filter frequency, LFO rate, or whatever you like, using the center knobs on each unit.

The Plot Extensible Arpeggiation Navigator makes it possible to go off the rails with niche arpeggiation patterns.