ROYGBIV Harmonizer

With a grid of harmoniously patterned chords that can be activated by button/gate/trigger and the ability to accept incoming pitch cv to produce outgoing harmonies via those chords, the ROYGBIV harmonizer helps you paint colorful melodic structures with the oscillators of your choice. It doesn’t take over and make (un)smart musical decisions, but rather puts compositional options at your immediate disposal. Flexible connectivity allows you to make use of a polyphonic oscillator or to output eight mono 1V/oct signals to multiple oscillators. You can make use of the mono and/or polyphonic gate outputs to forward button presses or incoming gate signals to an envelope generator, making it easy to compose by ear and experimentation. A root note dial opens up lots of possibilities for matching other material or general transposition. Control the root note knob via pitch cv, and input melodies while selecting chords to produce harmonizing pitch cv at the outputs.

You’ll find a rich palette of chords and enjoy the modular benefits of wiring your way to different inversions, volume balances, tone spectra, and complex manipulations afforded by the flexibility of the input and output connections. The ROYGBIV Harmonizer is easy to use and perfect for sparking inspiration, and it’ll help you investigate more complex and nuanced harmonizations on the fly.