Signal Chain Sequencer (mono & stereo versions)

A way to reorder modules on the fly via sequencing, modulation, and manual controls too, the Signal Chain Sequencer is the answer to simplified & automated connection rewiring. Hear dynamic signal paths, test mix variations, rapidly swap sources, and make convenient comparisons. Step through a sequence memorized orderings, generate novel chains, and turn connectivity into its own effect.

You can push a wavefolder with a filtered signal in one moment and then a raw signal in the next. A delay can be allowed to ring out and then get swapped behind an envelope/amp to close with a release. Reverbs, still holding unaffected signal, can leap out in front of filtered sound in a moment for an unusual contrasting clang. Modulated at audio rate, an effects chain can be a sound in its own right, and even at slower rates, you can harness a sound not unlike static electricity somehow still carrying musical tone. On the other hand, maybe you normally feel too lazy to compare what a patch would sound like when reordering processors and effects, and with this device, you can experiment along those lines with minimal effort and toggle back and forth (and more) readily.

The Signal Chain Sequencer is how you can modulate modularity itself.