Stochastic Trigger Distributor (& 2HP version)

Randomly divert trigger pulses amongst connected output jacks, up to 6 of them, each with individually assigned odds. It’s great for randomizing variations on drums, for experimental clocking, and for generally spraying randomness across a patch.

If you leave the trigger input unconnected, an internal clock (set via its BPM dial) kicks in to distribute random triggers to any connected jacks. A once button can be pressed to prevent any output from being selected twice in a row. Orange odds dials allow you to create a distribution which favors or disfavors any output jacks, and their likelihoods can be modulated individually (by default, they follow a bell curve favoring the center jacks). Disconnected jacks are left out of the random selection process, but they can be connected to a dead end if you’d like the occasional dropout.

The input is designed to work with triggers, gates, or even audio (any signal with a positive zero-crossing).

The Stochastic Trigger Distributor is an efficient way to scatter pulses to multiple destinations.

2HP Stoch. Trig. Dist.

This unit receives triggers (top) and then randomly diverts them to the 6 lower jacks, according to odds set via the orange knobs. With the trigger input left unconnected, an internal clock supplies a constant trigger pulse instead, and you can set the pace with the upper black dial.

A compact variant of the Stochastic Trigger Distributor, the 2hp version becomes slimmer by forgoing modulation capabilities and the redundancy avoidance button, but it allows you to pack a bunch of random trigger diverters into an efficient little space for easier patch tinkering. This module comes free with its older sibling (or the bigger version is discounted if you buy it in reverse), for flexible ergonomics.

This device makes it easy to randomly vary drums, to create experimental clocking scenarios, and to put some generative fun in module activations.