Third Rail

Waiting for trains, staring around the empty platform, and pondering the third rail at the NYC subway, you may have wondered how rats can run on it without getting electrocuted or what happens when there’s flooding, but you probably haven’t wondered what would happen if you clipped a wire to it and connected your modular synthesizer. This module exists to answer that question nobody was asking.

Send up to 600 Volts through your rig and see what happens. It’s dangerous sure, but since it’s virtual, resetting a device is a worst case scenario and you get to try things you wouldn’t dare on a hardware setup or in your home or if you value your life.

In addition, you can get more useful functionality with the divided down outputs, providing ranges up to 5V, 10V, or 100V. The input allows you to make chains, use the device for biasing or to accomplish some scaling (such as with the x2 or /6 outputs or with the -10x to 10x gain knob).

Try it out if you’d like to push your luck!