Time Obfuscator

Hit pause on incoming sound, freezing and blurring an audio snippet at the command of an envelope. The Time Obfuscator smears a moment of time indefinitely, creating uncommon sustains, textured tones, and rhythmic malleability.

When an incoming envelope (or gate) goes above 0V, a window of sound is frozen in a loop and sent through a network of crossfading buffers, allpass filters smearing EQ bands, and other such processes. The envelope voltage affects the output volume and the frozen audio is sustained until it returns to 0V and new incoming audio can be pulled into the buffers. While the effect is engaged (by the envelope), it’ll sound sort of like a granular processor and reverb under tight control.

Connect a source to the INPUT and an envelope/gate/LFO/sequencer/etc to the ENV IN to get started. The window dial affects the length of the frozen buffer, the control labeled d (dry) affects the blend of forward & reverse buffer crossfading, the c knob (clang) determines the frequency response, and the blur control determines how the signal is smeared through feedback networks.

A ^ switch can be toggled to the left for better transient buffer acceptance and the DLY button can be pressed to delay the envelope response by a single window for trailing response times. Experiment with these to find the best relationship with each particular signal.

The FX loop is a great way to make a mess. Randomly flip the switches to probe different circuit topologies and be ready for anything. There’s an onboard limiter to keep it vaguely safe and several saturation stages surrounding these connections to add complex behaviors.

Use the Time Obfuscator to displace time in a new, experimental way. Grab a sound and hold it, add complexity to a tone, and expand the rhythmic palette of transients.

Example Patches (download below):