Top-Down Poly Voice Allocator

Order poly signals in order of activity, to the lowest available poly voice number. The Top-Down Poly Voice Allocator serves a very specific purpose, so either it solves a problem you’ve run into or perhaps, you might realize the ability to do something interesting when you try it out.

As you play polyphonic notes, they are assigned to poly voice numbers, and the poly connection wires are essentially bundles of 16 wires, one for each voice number. Your notes however, are randomly spread out to the various voices, which is usually a useful way to prevent overlap.

But, if you use MPE or devices like the Poly Collector/Distributor, then you might actually be interested in giving each of the poly voices their own individualized sound, and you might also want to have some control over which of the individualized sounds are invoked, and when. Since the Top-Down Poly Voice Allocator reliably uses the lowest available voice number, you can gain that level of control.