Transient Chisel Noise Gate & Expander

Use the Transient Chisel for transient design. Carve percussive sounds by sharpening an attack or softening it instead, similarly tinker with the release, create fade-ins that simulate reversed audio, or even design distortions.

Also, use this module to as an noise gate, to cut audio below a threshold and remove the noise floor between musical parts. Its simple to use and works great for keeping the space between vocal/guitar/external audio parts quiet. It can also be configured with a nonzero noise floor, as an expander gate (use the lower switch to toggle), basically giving the noise gate a higher starting point for more natural sounding results.

It can be connected in mono or stereo or even with polyphonic signals.

Attack, release, and threshold controls allow you to dial in the behavior for smooth results (or interesting artifacts). The dry slider mixes in the original signal for more natural results. The power control offers gain in gate mode and “magnification” in expander mode, but also, it can be sent to negative values for some real interesting behaviors. In addition, dedicated CV outputs give you access to the on/off status (if audio is above the threshold, a 5V gate signal is output) to activate other modules or the envelope follower (a voltage gently following the amplitude peaks) for modulating other devices. There are even controls for toggling the polarity and attenuating the signal.

The Transient Chisel is an excellent tool for working with incoming audio, for shaping dynamics, or even for creating interesting special effects.