x8 Trigger To Gate

Convert trigger pulses into gate signals, providing sustained 5V outputs from brief spikes with the x8 Trigger To Gate. The opening times for each of the eight gates are individually adjustable. This device is useful for operating envelope generators from sequencers, turning devices on and off with buttons, and generally making devices cooperate with each other, in new ways.

Usually, for devices that create gate signals from triggers, when a gate is already open, a new trigger merely keeps it open longer. This device can do that too, but often, you’d rather that the 2nd trigger sound like a second note (instead of just making the note longer), so this module has a “re-gate” mode (switch located at the bottom-right) that quickly closes and reopens the gate for a number of samples specified with a set screw, causing envelope generators to restart and making it possible for you to make more complex music.

With eight independent parallel converters that automatically engage when plugged in, you can fit a lot of conversion into a small space and still see what you’re trying to patch together within a narrow screen. Consider using it to create timing variations, as a switchboard for interesting activities, and for making the Cycle Sequencer cooperate with envelope generators.