A collection of unique sequencers capable of atypical rhythms, chainable into complex networks of autonomous activity, living off the grid or redefining grids readily, and performance-ready for live experimentation, the Complex Pattern Sequencer Assemblage is a toolkit for those who feel like their sequencers are missing a little something.

Semibreves, Semiconductors, & Semicolons

From acoustic instruments, horns, and sheet music to preamps, synthesis, and stompboxes to mixing, editing, and sound design to plugins, apps, and modules, Playertron makes sound in the studio, on the workbench, sleepless in the lab, by the glow of the screen, and out on the streets.

It Began On Tape

The first “Playertron” was a cassette tape mellotron that lived in a cigar box and grew to fill a pair of DJ coffins, then inexplicably mutated into odd sequencing methodologies, moving across technologies, but always informed by the possibilities of that magical magnetic medium. All the while, due to lack of interest in naming anything, “Playertron” quickly became a way of referring to anything we made, how we referred to ourselves, and what we enjoyed writing on whatever required a word.

Current Work

Excited by the possibilities software modular synthesis, the Playertron team has been brewing up a couple dozen modules for the Voltage Modular platform (Cherry Audio) with some exciting results that couldn’t exactly be realized in their glorious extravagance as hardware and couldn’t see their full potential to thrive on an ecosystem of complexity as isolated devices. Several dozen devices have already been completed, but will be released in an ongoing basis after being rock-tumbled through extensive experiments and iterative design. Keep an eye on the Voltage Modular store for releases.